Curved Penis Treatment – Peyronie’s Disease


Are your penis bend or curved in one direction? Does it affect your love-life?

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms:

  • Curvature of the penis (up, down, left or right)
  • Excessive plaque or scare tissue build up
  • Shortening of the penis due to curvature
  • Pain or discomfort while erect
  • Weaker erections
  • Lack of sexual desire

Don’t worry, there is help for you.

The curvature, often abnormal of the penis is called as Peyronie’s disease, curved penis. This bend appears abnormal especially during erection of the penis. This is a rare condition and is expected to occur about 1 % of the entire male universe. In general, men seek medical attention only when the condition is serious.

how to straighten penisCauses:

The exact cause for this disease is not yet found but there are various factors reported to cause this condition.

• Injury: Injury to the penis can develop Peyronie’s Disease, a curved penis. Hurt to the penis may happen during a vigorous sex, energetic bumping or bending can cause damage to the tissues. The plaque formed during the wound healing process is the major reason for this disease. This plaque thrusts the penis to bend during erection. Also this is a condition caused by some medical routines like catheterization and cystoscopy.

• Vasculitis: This condition is described by bulging of blood vessels in the penis. Inflammation throughout a long time can result in scar tissues which causes bending. since the scar tissue develops slowly, it is very difficult to find the indications of Peyronie’s disease in the earlier stages. Vasculitis can cause permanent curvature to the penis that needs prompt medical attention.

• Heredity: Peyronie’s disease can also be caused by hereditary malfunctions, hinting there is a familial link.

• Vitamin E deficiency: Deficiency of Vitamin E is also reported to be a cause for Peyronie’s disease.

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Signs and Symptoms:

The signs of early stages of this disease can be fast or slow. But the severity of the condition may vary from one stage to another. The symptom of this condition will be a sluggish onset of bending which comes along with pain, as the penis becomes progressively distorted in shape. Rarely, hardening of tissue may occur in a part called tunica albuinea. This condition may cause erectile dysfunction and also impotency in Peyronie’s disease affected men.


Diagnosis of this condition is based on the physical examination. The location and the extent of the plaque formed in the penis can be diagnosed using an ultrasound scan.


Most men with this condition do not require any treatment, irrespective of the cause. Men who go through severe pain during sexual intercourse are offered treatments. Oral medications like Vitamin E, Injection of cortisone, radiation therapy, injection straight off to the plaque are some of the medical treatments available for Peyronie’s Disease, curved penis treatment. Many of these treatments have no serious side effects. Also, there is no proven evidence to show these treatments can improve the problem. Usually surgical treatment is carried out only if the condition stays for more than 6 months even after taking non surgical treatment procedures. Surgery involves the removal of plaque. It should be carried out by an experienced surgeon. But a surgery may leave some problems in erection and maintaining it. Do use a Straightening Device instead.


There is no preventive measure available for this disease. But there are some evidences to suggest that middle aged men who carry out forceful sex or frequent copulation are more probable to develop Peyronie’s disease. So avoiding vigorous sex can be a wise preventive measure.


More About Curved Penis

Many men have problems in their sexual life. The reasons can be a lot. But one of the most common is the curvature of the penis.
Curved penis can be either congenital or acquired. Curved penis that is acquired can occur due to the physical damage, or due to a rare but dangerous auto-immune disease in men – Peyronie’s disease. It is characterized by progressive changes in the cavernous bodies of the penis, growth of which prevents the blood flow.


Painful feelings during erection

Curvature of the penis causes a lot of unpleasant and even painful feelings during erection. The discomfort is felt, when the penis is in the normal state, not erected.


Different ways to straighten the penis

The only way to get rid of the problem such as curved penis is to straighten the penis. There are many different ways to straighten the penis. For example, it can be achieved through surgery. The curved penis by surgery can be straightened in three ways:

Operation of excision of tissue in the cavernous body of an elongated side of the penis. This operation may lead to the appearance of scars; Transplantation of the penile tissue from another part of the body to a shorter side. As a result of this operation significantly impairs the erection, and the result is extremely unstable and short-lived; Phalloplasty, it is an introduction of special plastic rods in the trunk of the penis.

Straightening of the curved penis in this way helps to improve erection, but the results of operations are very often accompanied by complications associated with scar formation.


Surgery is not the best method

Most of the experts involved in the problem of straightening a curved penis, believe that the surgery is not the best method, because the operation is always accompanied by some risk.

There are some alternative methods of straightening of the penis, non surgical. They are much safer and more efficient than the operations. Treatment of Peyronie’s disease and congenital curvature term can be done in a natural way – using an extender, and a vacuum pump. These medical devices can be easily ordered in many online stores!

Their operating principle is based on stretching of the penis tissue, namely, ligaments, skin, and weight increase in the corpus cavernosum. In case of using an extender, and a vacuum pump, the skin is stretched on the side where they are fewer. This means that a penis is gradually beginning to take the correct form. Many men have already tried the extenders and vacuum pump (Bathmate) or penis pump (Penomet). According to studies, the regular use of the extenders and vacuum pumps can straighten of at least 70% of curved penises!


Use An Extender – A Straightening Device.

Straightening of the penis is a process that requires a sufficient amount of time. The sufferer should wear an extender and use a vacuum pump for at least 6 months to achieve a better result and to maintain it to the end of life.

When ordering a vacuum pump and an extender in any of the online store, and regularly using these medical devices, you get the opportunity not only to straighten the curved penis, but also to increase it, as a bonus when stretching the penis it becomes longer and increases its thickness. Visit free sex chat and live chat with girls now or visit live gay chat to chat with guys. Buy a pocket pussy for some good alone time.

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